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Over its 3 year duration, the project will

  • Define the scope of creative industries and their segments, roles, strategies, constraints and opportunities for creative entrepreneurs.
  • Define the context in terms of policy areas (economy and entrepreneurship, culture and education, urban planning, physical infrastructure etc.)
  • Identify and classify policy instruments and interventions (subsidies, loans, guarantees, investments).
  • Develop a framework to classify and to assess practices. This will enable assessment of the relevance and impact of actions in relation to unique regional traits of creative industries. Collect and classify practices and regional profiles. Practices dealing with policy inception (studies, stakeholder dialogues), instruments (measures, actions, programs, projects) and methods of organisation (delegation, competition or integration) are collated.
  • Describe instruments in templates that enable entry in a web-based database and search engine.
  • Examine the relevance and impact of policies in study visits.
  • Conceptually analyse the combined regions, generalizing experiences, giving recommendations of a general nature on policy inception, instrumentation and integration.
  • Publish a manual with analysis, methodologies, classified experiences and recommendations and organize seminars to transfer methods of collection and classification, best practices and policy integration to the regions.
  • Set up pilot actions in which more advanced regions assist less advanced regions in policy making for creative industries, monitored and assessed with the help of external experts or stakeholders. In a first pilot action, a partner who is still at a stage of policy inception will be coached by another partner in a process of policy research, stakeholder involvement and mobilisation of main actors in the policy design process. In the second pilot the transfer of good practices in instruments is at stake. A pilot partner with a legacy of fragmented actions will be coached by a region that has developed a very comprehensive set of instruments. A third pilot action will focus on integrating, mainstreaming and extending policies.
Organza @ Arnhem Fashion Factory, the Netherlands
Organza @ FIT Association, Romania
Organza @ Gheorghe Asachi Technical University Iasi