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*UPDATE* Registrations for the Organza conference are now closed as the maximum number of participants has been reached. However, it may be worthwhile to contact to check whether places have become available.

How does it work?
10 years after Richard Florida

Organza Final Conference, 6 November 2012, Bremen, Germany

Ten years ago Richard Florida presented his book about the rise of the creative class. Beside the question if there is an all appropriate patent solution following Florida’s formula, we are actually at a turning point of the discussion: will we succeed in the future to make the potential of the creative economy thus usable for other industries that sustainable growth can arise on the whole?

Co-working, crowd-funding or co-location are only a few catchwords which are representing a wealth of concepts for new forms of live and work in the creative sector. But creative industries not only provide answers to questions of traditional patterns of communication and interaction but encourage experimentation. The enormous potential for innovation should apply to the entire economy.

Throughout Europe the EU project Organza examined more than 70 different models from the category groups Incubation, Co-Location/Co-Working, Funding, Coaching of Entrepreneurship, Urban Upgrading and Promotion/Interaction by which the creative economy is strengthened and promoted.

The final Organza conference “How does it work? – 10 years after Richard Florida” presents the results of the Organza project and provides to this knowledge future visions of upcoming developments.

Where is the cultural and creative economy located 10 years after Richard Florida? Which conclusions can be drawn from the past years and what does the future look like?

Come and find out!

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09:00  Welcome and registration
09:30 Opening
Hans-Georg Tschupke, Head of Department Innovation, Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH
Reinhard Büscher, EC Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General, Head of Unit Support for Industrial Innovation
10:00 Organza Project
Esther Ruiten, Organza Project Coordinator, City of Arnhem
10:15 Insight into interregional cooperation
Benoît Dalbert from the INTERREG IVC JTS in Lille talks about the last years and the future development of the INTERREG IVC Programme
10:30 The creative economy in the creative city: Next steps
Keynote by Charles Landry (UK). Landry is an international authority on the use of imagination and creativity in urban change. His aim is to help cities become more resilient,self-sustaining and to future proof themselves. Landry helps cities identify and make the most of their resources and to reach their potential by triggering their inventivenessand open-minded thinking. 
11:15 Break  


Impulses and Exchanges 1

Coaching of Entrepreneurship and Incubation
Expert: Christopher Hall, Nottingham Trent University (UK)
Organza Partner: Treviso (IT)

Impulses and Exchanges 2

Urban Upgrading
Expert: Prof. Klaus Overmeyer, University of Wuppertal, Urban Catalyst (D)
Organza Partner: Iasi (RO)

13:00 Lunch


Impulses and Exchanges 3

Expert: Andreas Krüger, Modulor, Aufbauhaus Berlin (D)
Organza Partner: Nottingham (UK)

Impulses and Exchanges 4

Expert: Carsten Hokema, Technical University Berlin, Innodate (D)
Organza Partner: Bremen (D)

15:15 Break
15:30 How does it work? Creativity meets Participants | Brainstorm Session
The results of the Exchanges and Impulses will be introduced in the Brainstorm Session in form of a World Café. The World Café is a creative process for facilitating collaborative dialogue and the sharing of knowledge and ideas to create a living network of conversation and action. 
17:00  Closing
After the closure of the conference we invite all guests for a get-together and a visit of the conference location “Alte Schnapsfabrik”. 

To download the invitation as a PDF: click here
Speakers' bios: click here
Moderator: Cyriel Kortleven (BE)
Date: November 6, 2012
Location: Alte Schnapsfabrik, Am Deich 86, 28199 Bremen

More information: Steffen Wiegmann,, +49 (0) 421 33 881 19
*UPDATE* Registrations for the Organza conference are now closed as the maximum number of participants has been reached. However, it may be worthwhile to contact to check whether places have become available.
Charles Landry
Carsten Hokema
Alte Schnapsfabrik