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How to use the database

Organza is an active research project in which nine medium-sized creative cities from different areas in Europe collaborate to learn about policies that stimulate the creative economy. 

The project has been set up in three main phases:

First, on the basis of a well-defined model of a cluster analysis, all partners worked on describing the industrial structure of their region. Special attention was given to creative industries and related policies at different levels. 

Then, on the basis of this regional profile, and a number of mutual visits amongst partners, we have made an inventory of seventy inspiring practices we found in the different regions. These were then classified on the basis of the following categories: 

  • affordable workspaces
  • co-location and campuses
  • business incubators
  • coaching towards entrepreneurship
  • promotion of CI and crossovers
  • funding, provision of capital


From these we selected a core of nine most inspiring practices. Finally, based on these inspiring practices we have set up eight pilot projects, in which the partners involved tried to adapt elements from these to their situation. Stakeholders from each city were actively involved here. 

The Organza database offers the most essential information of the 70 CI support schemes and organizations that have been identified in the project. 

The description of each practice ends with a concise SWOT analysis. This is based on the insights of the Organza partner in each region and feedback from other Organza partners based on their observations during visits to the region. The SWOT is an important part of the Organza learning process and aims to provide an understanding of the transferability of each practice, rather than a thorough evaluation of its effectiveness.    

There are multiple ways to browse this database of selected practices. Checking the boxes of criteria on the left hand side will autmatically narrow the pool of 70+ practices to those that match your selected criteria.

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