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Crossing Borders for Creativity, the Organza research publication

During last week's final conference, the Organza project was proud to present "Crossing Borders for Creativity". This publication is a reflective record of the Organza project.
The second chapter examines What Organza was all about. It is a concise analysis of the process, starting from the regional profile descriptions, it points at the peculiarities as well as clear – and sometimes also surprising – differences between the nine regions. It gives an overview of policy developments and corresponding schemes that formed the basis for the selection of the most inspiring practices. Finally it explains the pilot projects, showing the barriers to and challenges in the adaptation of practices and schemes during actual implementation.
The third chapter gives a systematic overview of the Nine Inspiring Practices.
Chapter four offers the most important Lessons and recommendations that we can draw from the pilot projects.
In chapter five Esther Ruiten, overall project coordinator, gives a final view on the Lessons and inspiration of the Organza project – also in relation to other European CCI-projects.
And finally, in the intervening pages we guide you on an imaginative journey through all the meetings, visits, conferences and tours we undertook over the last three years to give an overview of the joint and joyful exercise we experienced with the partners and stakeholders of the nine creative regions of Organza.

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